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Tinder interests

Perhaps the most notable finding from an analysis of the most commonly used body words (presumably mostly used to describe the user’s own body, though perhaps also including what interests them in terms of prospective partner’s body), is that women tend to describe themselves far more than men.

Indeed, the only term that is used predominantly by men is ‘6ft’. The most commonly used term overall is ‘tattoos’. It seems a small contingent of women err towards words like ‘thick’ and ‘fat’ to describe themselves (some of these terms are exclusively used by women, while others are used mostly by women).

‘Hair’ and ‘butt’ are the words closest to equal usage by men and women.

Tinder users’ bodies

In terms of words pertaining to personality, we might also note that users might be talking about prospective partners as well as themselves. Leading the way is ‘nerd’, mentioned by 2% of users – mostly men it seems. Men also like use words that describe themselves as active and healthy, as well as successful in their work.

Worryingly, women seem to use more negative words like ‘shy’ and ‘awkward’ – or words to describe how they might pose something of a challenge to their would-be suitors: ‘bitch’, ‘blunt’, and ‘sassy’. ‘Outgoing’ and ‘positive’ are the closest thing we have to positive terms mostly used by women – though they are also used to some degree by men also.

Tinder users’ personalities

Interracial dating on Tinder

A global survey of 4,000 people carried out by Tinder and Morar HPI found that, of people who use dating apps, most thought Tinder demographics were the most diverse of any dating app (72%). 77% of Tinder users reported being very open-minded when using dating apps.

In total, 74% of Tinder users had gone on a date with someone of a different racial background – as compared with 66% of non-Tinder users. Of those who had, 66% said it enabled them to experience new places, 63% said it pushed them to new hobbies and activities, and 53% say it had made them more politically/socially engaged (65% of Tinder users and 51% of non-Tinder users)

The survey comes as part of Tinder’s campaign to see the introduction of interracial emojis, for which they are currently lobbying the Unicode Consortium.

Tinder and other online dating platforms have been found by a team of Cornell University researchers to increase interracial dating by virtue of introducing people to others that they wouldn’t have normally met otherwise.

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