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Peruse through your Happn profile. Tap on the menu symbol at the upper left corner of your gadget screen to show the accessible tabs on your Happn profile. You will see the “General population close-by,” “Experiences,” “Photograph rating” tabs recorded under your profile name in a drop-down menu on the left; and “Messages,” “Guests,” “Enjoyed you, and “Top choices” under the “Your associations” heading on a similar menu.
You can get to any of these tabs by tapping on them.
Look for new individuals adjacent your area. Tap on “Individuals close-by” in the drop-down menu at the upper left corner of the page to see a profile rundown of Happn clients inside and adjacent your favored area. Look down the page to see the full rundown of client profiles in thumbnail pictures.
You will see diverse symbols recorded at the base of the client’s profile rundown. You can check the client’s profile data, photographs, and likes by tapping on the separate symbols.
On the off chance that you tap on the bolt up or down symbol at the upper right corner of the client’s profile synopsis, you can see the past or next client in the rundown.
View a client’s profile. Tap on the profile symbol at the base left corner of a client’s profile rundown to see the full profile data of that client.
Square a client. On the off chance that you need, you can obstruct a client by looking down the client’s profile page and tapping on the “Square” catch at the base of the page.
Most loved a client. Tap on the “like” symbol at the base of the screen of a client’s profile page to like or make most loved that client.
Talk with other Happn clients. Tap on the talk symbol at the base right corner of a client’s profile page to begin visiting with the client. Enter your message in the “Type your message here” field at that point tap on the correct bolt alongside the message field to send the client your message.
By tapping on the in addition to sign on left half of the message field, you can append a picture to your message and send it to the client.
On the off chance that the client is online right then and there, you will see a green catch on the client’s profile picture, and you can begin visiting with the client in a split second. Something else, your message will be conveyed to him or her, and he or she will see the sent message in the wake of signing in.
Keep in mind, you can’t send in excess of 2 messages if the client does not react to your message. You’ll have the capacity to send all the more once the client answers.
Play Happn’s Encounter diversion. By playing this Encounter diversion, you will have the capacity to discover Happn clients with indistinguishable interests from you.
Tap on the “Experiences” tab to start playing the Encounter diversion. Here, you can like or aversion a client that shows up on your screen by tapping on the affection symbol or cross symbol, individually, at the base of the screen.
Swipe the screen from ideal to left to see the following client.
Rate the photographs of Happn clients. In the event that you rate other clients’ photographs, they’ll rate your photographs consequently. To start, tap on the “Photograph rating” tab to see the score of your transferred photographs.
Tap on “Rate different photographs” at the base of the screen to rate the photographs of other Happn clients. On the off chance that you like a photograph of a specific client, tap on the star symbol at the base to rate it.
Peruse the highlights identified with your profile associations. There are four accessible highlights under the “Your associations” tab, and these are “Messages,” “Guests,” “Preferred you,” and “Top picks.” The “Your associations” tab can be found in the menu (upper left corner of your Happn landing page).
To see new messages or past discussions with Happn clients, tap on “Messages” and select the choice starting from the drop menu under the “Message” tab. On the off chance that you need to erase any messages or discussions from the rundown, tap on the settings symbol and erase the chosen thing by checking the crate by it.
You can likewise erase a client from your “Guests,” “Enjoyed you,” and “Top choices” list by perusing that rundown. Go to “Your associations,” select a rundown (Visitors, Liked you, or Favorites), and after that tap on the settings symbol. Select or deselect a client by tapping on their profile picture. When you are done, look down the page and tap on “Erase chose” at the base to expel the chosen clients from the specific show you chose.
Change your Happn account settings. To get to your Happn account settings, tap on the menu symbol at the upper left corner of the screen, and select your profile name.
Select the settings symbol at the upper right corner of your profile page, and tap on “Record inclinations.” Here, you can alter and refresh your profile, protection, secret key, installment, and warning setting.
Log out of your Happn account. When you’re finished utilizing the Happn application, you should log out to guard your data. Tap on your profile picture to go to your profile page. Tap the settings symbol, select “Record,” and after that “Sign out.”

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